Sunday | December 17, 2017

Govt. Reg No: 36/2066-067
SWC Reg No: 27919


Education Awareness Activities :

a. Needs Assessment

Firstly, HCN conducted a needs assessment on an enrollee/ attendance basis of the local school based in Darpuk. Shree Bhagwati Lower Secondary School had a very low enrollment rate from amongst the Bote community. A social mobilizer was recruited who visited the school and made a written record of the school enrollment on the basis of school register. It was a starting point at working towards increasing enrollment in the school. It can be seen that there wasa remarkable increase in the enrollment at the schools and attendance improved after Nani Maiya, the social mobilizer hired by HCN started office.

As per the school record of 2068 Bikram Samwat, the number of new students enrolled in the year 2068 were 24; the number of students who rejoined the school in the year 2068 were 5 dropped out students and 10 irregular students. Average attendance record of students in the school since the initiation of academic session of 2068 was 88%.

In the academic session 2068, there were 24 new students. There were 15 students who rejoined the school after HCN intervened in the area. Of the 15

students, 5 had dropped out due to poverty and 10 irregular students due to household work.

As per the school record, HCN decided to facilitate and honor 3 Bote students because of their outstanding performance in the classroom. The facilitation was done to encourage school going behavior and initiate academia in the VDC.

b.FM Program

HCN has been working with regional Rampur FM in Samajik Sandesh and Srinagar FM since March, 2011. In Srinagar FM, the program is aired eight times a day and in Rampur FM, it is aired four times per day. The message displayed is regarding awareness on the importance of education and enrolment of children in schools. The FM program is heard universally in the area and is effective in sending children to school.


c.Interaction Program with CMA from Darcha

On March, 2011, Botes, who had made achievements in their respective fields from Darcha came to Darpuk to inform the Bote people of Yamgha VDC about the importance of going to school and the changes brought about in their personal lives. The informative session was attended by Suresh Bote, CMA & Narayan Bote, presently working as a teacher in Nava Durga School, Bote Gaon, Darcha. It helped in making the Botes of Yamgha VDC realise that education is essential to change their lives.

d. Art Competition

HCN organised a ‘drawing competition’ among student of Shree- Bhagwati Lower Secondary School, Darpuk on Oct 2011. Chairperson of HCN, Ms. Deepali Thapa along with the school teachers selected the top three students. The main objective of the program was to enhance creativity of the students and encourage them to study well.


School Support

a. Library Construction for Shree Bhagwati Lower Secondary School

HCN has been working in Darpuk, Palpa for more than three years. One of its major achievements has been the construction of a library within the premises of Shree Bhagwati Lower Secondary School.

 The structure of the school was in a deplorable plight consisting of a poor infrastructural built up. The roof of school building leaked during rainy season. After observing this poor situation, HCN decided to construct a building serving as the library. The construction of the library building was completed on December 2011. After a formal inauguration ceremony, the building was handed over to the school authorities on January, 2012.


b. Support to the school with educational materials

On May 2011, HCN provided Shree Bhagwati Lower Secondary School with furniture, educational and recreational items as per the existing demand of school and students.


Education Scholarship Support

Sharmila Chaudhary,received a full 3 years Scholarship (2013~2016) from Hamro Chahana Nepal for Diploma in Pharmacy and is a current second year student at Holy Vision Technical Campus.