Sunday | December 17, 2017

Govt. Reg No: 36/2066-067
SWC Reg No: 27919

Earthquake Response

a. Temporary School Construction:

After the earthquake on 25th April the school buildings were flattened. Prior to the earthquake there were 3 schools in Bigu VDC, 1 secondary level (Shree Gauri Shankar Secondary School) and 2 primary level (Saraswati Primary School and Deudhunga Primary School). There were no schools to attend for 350 children in secondary and 150 in primary level. A set up of learning spaces for 500 children was a great need.


Temporary School constructed with NR-Dallas/HCN support

Hamro Chahana Nepal with financial support from Nepal Rising-Dallas US supported Shree Gauri Shankar Secondary school and two Primary Schools. The government too supported the schools to cover some temporary school construction expenses. The community people participated during the temporary school construction using most of the available resources in the village.

b. Basic essential relief support:

Hamro Chahana Teams responded to the needs of Bigu VDC families, Dolakha District affected by the devastating earthquake on 25th April and the subsequent shocks. HCN reached the survivors with Relief supplies including Tarpaulin, Blankets, Solar lights, Solar Mobile Chargers, Food and Medicines. Relief materials were handed over to the army officer in charge and the local person.


HCN team engaged in packing relief materials

Currently, HCN is engaged in immediate relief and long term recovery efforts in earthquake affected areas of Dolakha. HCN has already supported local people of Bigu VDC with immediate reliefs and is seeking support to realise its long term plan to rehabilitate and rebuild lives of people from Dolakha.