Sunday | December 17, 2017

Govt. Reg No: 36/2066-067
SWC Reg No: 27919

Cast Study 3

Case study of Tika Bote  –  Palpa

tikabote1 tikabote2

Tika Bote is now 17 years old. She was married at the age of 14, became pregnant and now has two children. After getting married to a man from the neighboring village, Tika came to face numerous hardships that come along with getting married at an early age in rural Nepal. After seven months of marriage, her husband left Tika to find work in India. She was pregnant at that time and had to care for the elderly living in the house along with her sister-in-laws family.  Sheer amount of household chores combined with the responsibilities of motherhood has robbed Tika off her childhood. Tika’s daily routine requires getting up before dawn to fetch water, cleaning the house, cleaning the animal shed, getting fodder for animals, working in the field, collecting wood for cooking purposes and working until late night to complete all household chores before retiring for the day. She has matured before her age and looks at some of her other friends who are still fortunate enough to grow up according to their age.

Currently, Hamro Chahana Nepal is involved in counseling Tika about health and hygiene measures along with providing support to her children.