Sunday | December 17, 2017

Govt. Reg No: 36/2066-067
SWC Reg No: 27919

Cast Study 2

Case study of Ms. Sharmila Chaudhary – Lalmatiya VDC- 8, Mashuriya, Dang


Ms. Sharmila Chaudhary is a 20 year old girl and the  youngest amongst her five siblings. She belongs to Dang district and her house  lies in Lalmatiya VDC- 8, Mashuriya. She lost her parents at an early age. Due  to stark poverty with no means of earning in the local community, her elder  sister left for Kathmandu valley with the local landlord taking Sharmila with  her. Sharmila worked for the landlord as a child laborer but after three years  she started working as a house maid for a business man during the evenings. Her  elder sister advised her to study and supported her by helping Sharmila get  admitted to Shree Tika Vidyashram Secondary School, Sanepa. She joined the  school at grade three and started to study there. Because of her sincere  attitude and strong attachment to studying she reached the tenth grade and  scored second division in S.L.C. But lacked sufficient funds and the financial  resource to study further.  Her elder  sister too was unable to support her for advanced studies. Meanwhile, Sharmila  learned about the scholarship program offered by Hamro Chahana Nepal. She  applied for the same. The board members of HCN discussed her situation after  analyzing the condition, and gave their approval for a scholarship.

On  July 27, 2011, she was admitted in Shree Mahendra Adarsa Vidyashram Higher  Secondary School, Satdobato, Lalitpur in class 11 and all the expenses were  taken care of by HCN. She is now studying in the school with Nepali as her major  subject. To express gratitude she is working with HCN as an active volunteer.