Sunday | December 17, 2017

Govt. Reg No: 36/2066-067
SWC Reg No: 27919

Case Study 1

Case  study from Yamgha-1, Palpa


Sumitra  Bote and Ram Bir Bote ( Maili and Maila)

VDC: Yamgha

Ward No: – 1, Darpuk

Ages: – Maili (around 40); Maila (around 35)

Hope turned into reality

“Life is more bitter than we could imagine and sweet as well and to not know this is a crime as well.”

Sumitra Bote (maili) and Ram Bir Bote( maila), sister and brother from Darpuk, a small village in eastern Palpa had been blind for 40 and 35 years respectively. They were blind from birth and were living under the assumption of being cursed by God. Thus, had never bothered to treat themselves for being blind. Already helpless both maila and maile was compelled to live as they were. Walking around without help from others; figuring the world by mere fingures; living every moment engulfed by adventure, dreaming and hoping that how wonderful would it be waking up someday to find themselves able to see the world around them.

Hopes and dreams are beautiful thing that keeps one alive and it does more especially when one belongs to a marginalized community with poor economic background and even more for the Botes since they were blind. Their hope of waking up to see the world someday turned into reality when HCN Chairperson, Ms. Deepali Thapa happened to meet them during the course of selecting a work area for HCN. Ms. Thapa, bereaved at their wretched condition, took the victims, to Tansen, the district headquarter of Palpa for medical checkup.  Luckily, maila and maile were diagnosed as victims of cataract, a curable case, and were operated in the Lions Locaul Eye Hospital in the year 2009. All the expenses of lodging, food for 3 days; transportation expenses and medical expenses were taken care of by HCN.

They are blind no more; the operation changed their lives forever.  They are now able to lead their lives not dependent on any one. When asked about their changed lifestyle the brother, sister never forget to thank HCN and Ms. Deepali Thapa. They always say:

“We never thought of seeing the world and never thought that we could ever walk around alone, what made us alive was only the hope and wish which was turned into reality by Deepali sister. Deepali sister loves us and always brings chow-chow( noodles) whenever she visits us”