What is HYOM?

House of Young Minds caters to the need of young individuals aspiring to be development workers and human rights professionals to foray into activism with meaningful action. HYOM brings emerging issues and diagnoses possible alternatives to create a critical mass for collective movement building for equality and justice. HCN’s HYOM brings experts from the social justice sector to bring analysis through feminist perspective. The weekend starters allow the participants to explore new terrain, push the envelope and garner new knowledge through honing leadership skills.


To sharpen, hone, and strengthen the capacity of young minds collectively through various social entrepreneurial & educational programs from feminist perspective.

What we plan to achieve?

  1. Identify and discuss ideas on topics and issues that can bridge different disciplines.
  2. Create a self-sustaining community and critical mass by facilitating self-efficacy & the voice of young minds.
  3. Enable to adapt the knowledge gained into daily lives by students and young adults from various backgrounds.

How we plan to achieve?

There are series of sessions which will be provided independently to interested people.

The issues covered in the HYOM are Feminism; Feminist Leadership; Gender Equality and Social Inclusion; Grantwriting and Fundraising; Report Writing; Communication and Public Speaking; Monitoring and Evaluation; Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights; Adolescent Health; Gender, Sex &Sexuality; Advocacy and Good Governance, etc.

The sessions will be interactive employing various methodologies and the participants are expected to fully engage throughout the program.


  • Gender, Sex and Sexuality: To be announced
  • Deadline to apply: To be announced
  • The selected individuals will be informed by: To be announced
  • Deadline for registration: To be announced

Who can apply?

Young Development and Human Rights Practitioners or Aspirants, Students

How can you apply?

You can send in your application to nepalhamrochahana@gmail.com and contact for any queries.

The participation cost is Rs.2000 exclusive of bank charges which is a subsidized cost inclusive of registration fees, resource materials and lunch.