Sunday | December 17, 2017

Govt. Reg No: 36/2066-067
SWC Reg No: 27919

Vision & Mission

Our  Vision

Empower and improve the overall status of women and their families for the upliftment of the community.

Our Mission

“To work for the upliftment of community people through better education and health promotion, as well as promote environmentally sustainable income generation.”

In alignment to its mission, HCN hopes to  empower the Bote and Kumal community in the Palpa district, currently in  Darpuk. As identified in the problem section above, there are many reasons this  community has fallen behind; however, HCN realizes that Bote and Kumals are  very resilient people and they are willing to work hard to create a better life  for themselves and for their children.   Yet HCN realized that Bote and Kumals are unaware of their place in the  society; hence, it utilizes right based approach (RBA), to ascertain them that  they are entitled to equal worth and dignity in attaining their basic social  standards. Bote and Kumals are encouraged through informed participation in  shaping their own community and promote/advocate changes to improve their  social condition and attain social justice. Empowerment is promoted through the  emphasis on already available strengths and resources of Bote and Kumal  community through promoting their existing skills such as fishing, poultry, and  pottery making; from active involvement of Bote Community Strengthening  Committee and their leadership is being realized through their own community  member.