About HCN

Hamro Chahana Nepal was registered in 2009 as a not-for-profit community organization and we identify ourselves as young women led feminist human rights organization working holistically on women’s learning and knowledge production, bodily integrity, access to economic justice, rapid response system and collective feminist movement building. HCN embarks on empowering the most marginalized and excluded young women in Nepal to take leadership of their own lives, bodies and economy. HCN envisions of empowering young women to form collective sense of agency, organize themselves and advocate for their rights.

Area of Work

  • Bodily Integrity: Young women take control of their bodies

    HCN works with young women on claiming their Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights, freedom to movement, their health, and against gender based violence.

  • Access to Economic Justice: Valuation and recognition of young women’s contribution

    HCN works with young women to demand for decent wage and have access to and control, ownership and management over natural and economic resources.

  • Young Feminist Movement Building: Young women promote Cross movement(s) Learning

    HCN works in feminist movement building through cross movement(s) learning.

  • Learning and knowledge production: Young women take leadership of producing knowledge

    HCN works with young women from the most marginalized and excluded communities through capacity strengthening to take leadership and generate sustainable learning. HCN is not limited to the conventional concept of education, rather focuses on learning of young women.

  • Rapid Response Mechanism: How do we respond to urgent needs?

    HCN works with young women to safeguard their community through rapid response mechanism and advocate for disaster risk reduction through a feminist lens. HCN has been working with rapid response for the needs in emergency situations.

Our Team

Person 1

Deepali Thapa


Person 2

Chhabi Lal Pandey


Person 3

Dr. Namrata Bhatta

General Secretary

Person 4

Bijaya Raj Ghimire


Person 1

Pushpa Lata Pandey

Board Member

Person 2

Sreejana Bajracharya

Board Member

Person 3

Dr. Dhiraj Roka

Board Member

House of Young Minds

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